Best Ya Books 2020

Best Ya Books 2020

Are you an Individualist, a Loyalist, an Enthusiast? Find your next read among these wonderful YA books by enneagram type. . Five of the best new reads out this month from Samantha Schweblin, Dima Alzayat, and more. Little Eyes is a speculative fiction novel that revolves around devices called kentuckis, cute little animal .

Tasked with putting together a list of great Texas books, I should’ve retreated to a smaller state with fewer great writers. But here we are, slowly coming out of our shells during a pandemic, with . Investigate a historical mystery, explore the powers of friendship, and face hard truths with these three YA books without romance! .

Queer and feminist books, including, YA, non-fiction, memoir, romance, literary fiction, comics, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, and poetry, hitting bookshelves this summer! . The pandemic may have put a dent in the spring publication schedule, but the June and July releases are barreling forward full steam ahead. Lots of new and returning series, lots of debuts, and .

Best Ya Books 2020 : Rich with evocative descriptions of West Coast wilderness and anchored by a deep, visceral bond to the trees that sustain us all, ‘Greenwood’ is a literary page-turner that manages to be both . Chad Veach, best-selling author, globally-renowned faith figure, and distinguished pastor of Los Angeles fastest-growing young adult church (Zoe Church), will release his latest book “Help! I Work .

We are in a crucial moment where we can change trans representation in YA and do it in a way that doesn’t leave anyone behind. . Universal has won the film rights for Naomi Novik’s YA novel Scholomance Random House series, putting the first novel A Deadly Education into development with Mandeville Films’ Todd .

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